Hospitality and Tourism Management Program (HTMP)

Hospitality and Tourism Management Program (HTMP)

Why choose HTMP?

The Hospitality and Tourism Management Program opens a world of possibilities for students:

  • Stackable credentials: AHLEI certifications fulfill the very definition of stackable, with certifications beginning with line-level positions and building up through supervisory, management and executive levels. Skills gained at each level lead to the next step along one’s career path.
  • Career pathways system: The HTMP has clear strategies and supports to help students move from acquiring core skills and credentials for job entry on through higher levels of responsibility and better-paying jobs. They can design a career pathway that best suits their interests, talents and abilities. 
  • Articulation Agreements: Successful completion of the HTMP may lead to advanced placement in college through articulation agreements with community colleges and four-year universities with hospitality programs.
  • Practical work-based learning: A critical part of the program is an industry internship which lets students apply the skills they’ve learned in the classroom through work-based learning experiences. For schools unable to offer internships, AHLEI has partnered with Knowledge Matters, whose online virtual hotel business simulation can replace the internship requirement needed to earn the Certified Hospitality and Tourism Management Professionals (CHTMP)

HTMP Course Content

The HTMP provides students with broad-based learning on the tasks, knowledge, and skills required by anyone wishing to build a career within the hospitality and tourism industry. It introduces fundamental concepts within different hospitality functions while focusing on customer service and essential “soft” skills that can transfer to any industry.

The HTMP includes the following components:

  • Student textbooks
  • Student workbooks
  • Teacher Wraparound Edition Textbook
  • Online instructor resource portal

The content features industry profiles, case studies and real-world applications.

HTMP Content

Year 1

The content focuses on operation-level employee positions and responsibilities.

  • Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Program
  • Hospitality Soft Skills
  • Operational Areas
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Safety and Security

Student Textbook: $80 | Student Workbook with Exam Scan Sheet: $50 | Instructor Resource Kit: $450

Year 2

The content focuses on leadership and managerial responsibilities, knowledge, and skills.

  • Introduction to Leadership and Management
  • Hospitality Leadership Skills
  • Operational Leadership
  • Managing Food and Beverage Operations
  • Managing Business Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Safety and Security

Student Textbook: $82 | Student Workbook with Exam Scan Sheet: $50 | Instructor Resource Kit: $450

Workplace Competency Voucher

An important part of the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program is making sure students get practical, on-the-job experience that ensures they have first-hand experience that will serve them well after they graduate.

Students are required to work 100 hours in a qualifying position, which includes:

  • Accommodations: Hotels, resorts, motels, hostels, vacation rentals, vacation ownership, bed and breakfast properties, recreational vehicles and camping.
  • Food & Beverage: Restaurants, full-service, fine-dining, quick service, bars and lounges.
  • Transportation: Airlines, cruise lines, rail, car rentals, tour/coach operators, bus lines, taxis.
  • Attractions: Theme parks, zoos, national/state/local parks, natural wonders, heritage sites

Once they have completed the 100 hours, they must complete a workplace competency voucher. Instructors can download and print that here. <<insert link to competency voucher>> Students who complete this experience along with passing the final exams for both HTMP Year 1 and 2, earn the Certified Hospitality and Tourism Management Professional (CHTMP) credential.

What if you live in an area where your students are not able to get internships? How can they earn the CHTMP credential?  Sign your students up for “Knowledge Matters,” a virtual business hotel developed with Marriott International, that models the inner working of a high-end hotel and calls upon students to make the hourly and daily decisions that go into running a hospitality property. Completion of the simulation counts toward fulfilling the workplace requirements of the HTMP program.  The simulation is available through a site license (visit the Knowledge Matters website for license options and pricing).

Training Information
  • Duration: 8 Month
  • Attendees: High school students
  • Location:

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