1st specialized Tourism News site

1st specialized Tourism News site

The first specialized news site that helps those interested in tourism, travel, tourism investor or governmental entity that monitor and analyze the various tourism news to follow the news related to tourism and it’s related activities.

  1. Publish news directly related to tourism and related activities .
  2. Monitor, analyze and disseminate everything related to tourism, so that the site becomes the main source of tourism news in the Egyptian newspapers and media.
  3. Educate and modify the behavior of the ordinary citizen and guide the Society to the tourism sector.
  4. Pay attention to the dissemination of details about the workers in the field of tourism, hotels and aviation.
  5. Enter into the depth of the problems of Egyptian tourism investment, and offer them through letters and views in a way that fits the general plan of the State.
  6. Constantly communicating with government sources and tourism decision-making circles.
  7. International travel and Tourism destinations.
  8. live broadcasts of international, regional and local tourism events.
  9. Use social media and all means of transferring the news fast and influential to activate and publish important and urgent tourism news.


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