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Hospitality certification provides recognition of mastery of professional knowledge and skills at every level of your hospitality career. AHLEI provides the study materials and administers the certification process for nearly 30 certification designations trademarked by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA).

You’re good at your job. Through hard work, training, learning, and experience, you’ve gained the skills and knowledge that make you stand out among your peers. Whether you work in a line-level position, are the hotel general manager, or anywhere in between, you create the experiences that keep guests coming back to your property.

At AHLEI, we want to help you get the recognition your skills and talent deserve. We offer study materials and exams for more than 20 professional certifications endorsed by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA).

With certifications for every step along your career path, it’s easy to create a professional development plan that grows with you.

Developing and Training Talent

Many hospitality workers start in entry-level positions and work their way up into higher level jobs. When a company takes the time to train people, it is easier to recognize the talent that can be developed for higher management positions.

Training for the hospitality industry is diverse. Basic skills include communication and ways to interact with the hotel guests. It also involves teamwork training and diversity training, because the staff is perceived as one unit by guests. Learning to work together with people from different backgrounds is essential since staff never know what the background of any specific guest will be. Yet the guest experience needs to be the same for everyone.

Training is essential to your property’s success. Hospitality training prepares your staff to respond to unique guest needs, an ever-changing regulatory environment, and demand for profitability. It ensures that every professional delivers consistent, high-quality service every day.​

Training helps properties protect the bottom line, stay competitive, and stay compliant. It also lets your staff know that the property values them and wants to prepare them to move up the ranks.​



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