Certified Food And Beverage Executive (CFBE®)

Certified Food And Beverage Executive (CFBE®)
Food and beverage executives keep their operation running smoothly while ensuring everything is safe and sanitary. Whether running a banquet, supervising a kitchen, ordering supplies, or training staff, they know what must be done. The Certified Food and Beverage Executive certification is a prestigious recognition that you are a professional dedicated to the industry, who can effectively manage employees and who knows how to successfully operate a food and beverage operation. ​
The CFBE certification can help you excel in your current position, move further toward your career goals, and show that you are among the best in your profession.



You can earn the CFBE designation if you are currently employed as an executive-level or management-level position in food and beverage or culinary operations.

Candidate Time in Position: 1 year.

To reduce the time in position by six months, you must meet one of the following conditions:

  • One current AHLEI management, department head, or executive certification (limit 1)
  • A degree from an accredited academic institution (limit 1)
How to Apply

Have the following documents available to upload:

  • Current Resume
  • Job Description
  • Employment Verification Form (signed by your immediate supervisor)
  • Copy of diploma or transcripts
  • Complete payment
Printable Application

Download the Certified Food & Beverage Executive (CFBE®) application.

Resource Materials

CFBE Exam Preparation Booklet

Candidates for the Certified Food and Beverage Executive (CFBE) designation receive a CFBE Exam Preparation Booklet that helps streamline and focus your study and exam preparation. The booklet and CD that includes all CFBE resource materials, lets you assess your knowledge and experience by individual competency and then directs you to the specific resource by volume, chapter and subject.


The CD contains six knowledge areas that correspond with the Exam Preparation Booklet. As you identify knowledge areas requiring review or additional learning, you can access that information on the CD.


When you are ready to take the exam online, contact AHLEI’s Certification Department to have the exam sent to your proctor.

A proctor may be a CHA, CFBE, a hospitality educator, an AHLA member association executive, your immediate supervisor or a member of the clergy. Your designated proctor cannot be a relative.

The CFBE exam has 150 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in a three-hour time period. The test questions test your mastery of competencies derived from six key areas of knowledge. The key areas of testing are:

  • Managing Food Operations
  • Managing Beverage Operations
  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership
  • Human Resources Management
Training Information
  • Duration: 40 Hours
  • Attendees: 01 Participant / Price: $1300.00
  • Location: Free Online

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