Certified Front Desk Representative (CFDR)

Certified Front Desk Representative (CFDR)
Front desk representatives play a key role in giving guests an excellent experience. They greet guests, check them in, and make payment arrangements. They answer guest questions and make sure guests can get the services that they need while at the property. The Front Desk Representative certification recognizes that these employees are skilled at the many tasks they must perform and that they always provide an outstanding experience for guests at your property.

The certification is supported by the START and quickSTART (Skills, Tasks, and Results Training) programs. START resources present concise instructions for training new or prospective employees on how to perform key tasks correctly, along with the general hospitality knowledge and soft skills needed in the hospitality industry.


There is no time in position requirement for this certification, making it ideal for on boarding and orientation or as professional development for current employees.

Candidates should complete the START for Front Desk Representative training to prepare for the certification exam. The training is available in an online package with certification exam for individuals, or in print for group training.

How to Apply

Certification exam scan sheets are included in the START and quickSTART participant packages.

Following training, the instructor or facilitator administers the exam and submits the scan sheets to AHLEI for grading. The exam is the application.

Resource Material

START for Front Desk Representative is intended for employees/trainees in a classroom setting. It does not require an on-the-job training component.

quickSTART for Front Desk Representative is intended for on-the-job employee training or for trainees with access to a hands-on learning lab or internship where there are opportunities to perform job tasks.

START Instructor Guide Package

  • Instructor Guide
  • Certification Exam Questions

Please note: The same instructor guide is used for training candidates using the quickSTART resources.


Those who complete the START or quickSTART program for Front Desk Representative are prepared to take the Certified Front Desk Representative certification exam. The certification exam consists of 30 multiple-choice questions.

A score of 70% or higher is needed to earn the certification.

Certification exam scan sheets are included in the START and quickSTART participant packages. The instructor or trainer administers the certification exam.

Successful candidates who complete the training and pass the certification exam will receive a certificate and lapel pin.

Training Information
  • Duration: 36 Hours
  • Attendees: 250$ - Per Attendee
  • Location: Free Online

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