Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS®)

Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS®)

You are an effective hospitality supervisor because you know how to lead, manage time and communicate well with everyone around you. You motivate your employees and make sure they meet property standards. Improve your supervisory abilities and earn recognition for your skills, knowledge, experience and commitment to professionalism by earning the Certified Hospitality Supervisor certification.

The CHS designation gives you industry recognition for your supervisor skills. Recognized worldwide, the CHS designation is the industry’s highest acknowledgement of professionalism for supervisors in the hospitality industry.

Note: AHLEI recommends you first complete the Supervisory Skill Builders Program (available in Arabic – English ) online and print. Separate fee for resources materials.


You qualify for the CHS if you are currently employed in a position where you supervise two or more people, have job duties that are at least 20 percent supervisory in nature and include such tasks as scheduling, training, interviewing, disciplining, inspecting, and conducting performance reviews; makes decisions and judgment calls while performing daily duties; and have input on hiring and firing decisions within a department.

Candidate Time in Position: Current employment in a supervisory position at a hospitality-related business for a minimum of three months (90 days).

Time in position requirement can be eliminated if you meet the following conditions:

  • One current supervisory, managerial, department head or executive certification
  • Completing the Supervisory Skill Builders series
  • Degree from an accredited academic institution
How to Apply
  • Note: AHLEI recommends you first complete the Supervisory Skill Builders Program (available Arabic – English). Separate fee for resources materials. the following nine key areas of knowledge:
    • Supervision 

    In the demanding, fast-paced world of hospitality, effective supervisory skills are a must for an organized operation. This module highlights the key elements and skills for successful management.

    • Leadership

    A good leader effectively directs his or her staff with ease and competence through all the challenges that arise. This module outlines the key points of successful leadership in the area of hospitality.

    • Time Management

    Time is money in the fast-paced world of hospitality, so it needs to be managed as carefully and accurately as if you were managing money. This module shows new and experienced supervisors what it takes to make every minute count.  

    • Effective Communication

    Clear, concise and effective communication is vitally important in the hospitality industry. This module illustrates the type of positive interaction and approachability that are major elements in all areas of management and customer service.

    • Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

    Evaluating problem situations as they arise and efficiently resolving them greatly enhances the balance and success of hospitality management. This module defines strategies to quickly prioritize and implement those solutions.

    • Orientation and Training

    Starting on “the right foot” with a new employee will help the hospitality supervisor develop a good working relationship from the start. This module showcases many effective techniques for “welcoming” the trainee.

    • Motivation and Team Building

    Success in the hospitality industry depends on a motivated staff that performs as a team. This module provides essential techniques for effective motivation and team building. Supervisors can use these techniques to lower turnover rates and absenteeism, while improving quality guest service.

    • Staffing and Scheduling

    In this module, supervisors will learn how to recruit for maximum performance, forecast schedules, develop work schedules, arrange staff positions, evaluate procedures, and much more.

    • Improving Employee Performance

    Without proper attention and maintenance, staff performance suffers and deteriorates. This module shows supervisors the essentials for fine-tuning employee skills, including: setting standards; coaching; counselling; and conducting performance reviews.

Have the following documents available to upload:

  • Current Resume
  • Job Description
  • Employment Verification Form (signed by your immediate supervisor)
  • Copy of diploma or transcripts
  • Complete payment
  • Access the online application
Printable Application

Download the Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS®) application.


When you are ready to take the exam online, contact AHLEI’s Certification Department to have the exam sent to your proctor.

A proctor may be a CHA, CHS, a hospitality educator, an AHLA member association executive, your immediate supervisor or a member of the clergy. Your designated proctor cannot be a relative.

The CHS exam has 100 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within two hours. The test questions test your mastery of competencies derived from

Multiple Staff Members
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Training Information
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  • Attendees: 01 Participant / Price: $1500
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