Certified Lodging Security Officer (CLSO)

Certified Lodging Security Officer (CLSO)

Security officers play a crucial role in making your property safe and protecting guests, employees and the property itself. They do this by effectively handling routine security activities and emergencies with sound judgment and quick response. They are skilled at recognizing threats and securing the property, all while providing good guest service. The Certified Lodging Security Officer (CLSO) designation recognizes how hard these staff members work hard to keep everyone safe. Security officers may pursue this certification on their own or through group training at the property or organizational level.

Candidates for the CLSO must show proof of current, full-time employment as a hospitality security officer for 90 days.

Completion of the Lodging Security Officer Program, either through self-study or in a group training program, is highly recommended for those preparing to take the CLSO exam. 

How to Apply

Download the CLSO order form.

Complete and return the order form by mail or fax, along with the examination fee. Be sure to name a proctor to whom your exam will be sent.

Within three weeks, AHLEI will send the CLSO exam to your designated proctor.

Resource Material

The Lodging Security Officer Program is a one-time investment for your property. It includes all training materials for the facilitator; individual participant workbooks may be purchased separately.

The CLSO Study Guide is recommended for non-group applicants.

Please Note: the CLSO exam fee is separate from the study guide and/or workbooks.

CLSO exam preparation material offers a thorough overview of the CLSO exam content.


The CLSO exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within a two-hour time period. All test questions are designed to test the candidate’s mastery of various competencies derived from four key areas of knowledge in combination with on-the-job hospitality work experience. The key areas of testing are:

  • Lodging Security Overview
  • Routine Security Activities
  • Handling Misdemeanors and Felonies
  • Handling Emergencies

Successful candidates will receive a certificate and CLSO lapel pin.


Training Information
  • Duration: 36 Hours
  • Attendees: 150 $ - Per Attendee
  • Location: Free Online

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